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by zecke
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Hi there

How to hide links from google bot ? Like this site:

The hide all the menu from ABC.. and all red framed category menu ?

If You look into google cache - text version ( - there is no sign of that menu.

Thank You for Your help
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    Do disallow in robots.txt file... It helps to discrawl the Google...
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      It`s not what I`m looking for.

      I found and tested this. Maybe it will help someone in the future. If yes just hit "thanks"

      Put in header of Your website:

      HTML Code:
      <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>	
      <script type="text/javascript">
      google.load("jquery", "1");
      <script type="text/javascript">
      var anchor = $(this).text();
      var href = $(this).attr('rel');
      $(this).replaceWith('<a href="'+href+'">'+anchor+'</a>');

      Then when You dont want to give away Your PR Juice put links like this:

      HTML Code:
      <span class="ps" rel="">Youranchor</span>
      I`ve tested it and Google Bot sees it as a plain text insted of link

      It`s also usefull if Your building main menu for Your silo page
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        Originally Posted by zecke View Post

        Then when You dont want to give away Your PR Juice put links like this:
        What in the world are you talking about? If its your menu navigation you are not giving away your Pr juice you are conveying it to inner pages (and it degrades less within the same site) that belong to you. If the pages are not important to you then remove them.

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    You should read this article Hide Links From Google? Google Says No To SEO. I think you will be understand what Google says.
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    Hello zecke,

    it works! It creates plain text from link but how do you make it to not show anything at all?


    P.S.: I also need this for silo purposes
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      Hi. I have no idea how to hide the plain text. I`m using it as it is. If someone will change the code - We will be delighted
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    You can use robots.txt for that. Just create a robots.txt file and write "Disallow: (the link)"
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    zecke, there is a slightly more sophisticated way to do it.

    Check out this post here Hey, Matt Cutts, I'm using JavaScript to hide links from Google, cool?
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    Thanks WebMeUp. Could You just paste the code here that You got in Your jpg diagram file ?
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    Use robots.txt , you can easily hide your links from google bot.
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  • robots.txt would do the trick.
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