Subdomains? Do or don't?

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In a couple of niches that I am working in, I see a trend that websites with a lot of "subdomains", rank pretty good.

One of my competitor for a pretty competitive "loan" keyword, ranks first place with only a 1yr old domain (not an EMD), and only links from subdomains on his OWN website.

He basically creates 150+ subdomains, each subdomain does have 1 content page.. and a link to his frontpage.

I researched this a lot and I see Softonic does this also for each and every software page... and I can name a lot of examples...

Why is this working? Someone an explanation of the thoughts behind this strategy...
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    Wow using domain's subdomains as back links. I guess Google was serious about treating subdomains as separate websites.

    I might just try it out, thanks for sharing.

    You could have made a wso, out of this one and make a quick buck off this method. Lol
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    If the sub domains are hosted using virtual IP address, then the links from sub domains will be valued more for ranking.
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    I have created few sub domains for my sites, but not yet tried this method because I thought google will not encourage this surely. Won’t we get trouble due to the IP addresses of sub domains?? Will that help in the long run?
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