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I downloaded a blog with content from a membership site that has unlimited downloads, videos etc.

After I installed it, I starting remembering that Google doesn't like duplicate content. So I emailed the author with this:

"Hi Mike...I downloaded this blog from Master Resell Rights and I have a question. I quickly scanned through some of these articles which seem very useful for investors. However, I am wondering if I should get rid of the content if I am doing am SEO friendly site. Am I risking duplicate content here? Thx in advance...

and this is what he wrote back:

"Hello, Duplicate content applies to duplicate content on the same domain. I wouldn't worry about it. You can always change the articles to unique ones if you wish. You can go to warriorforum.com and go to warriors for hire section and find someone to write the articles for you if you hate writing."

Obviously, I know about the warriors for hire section. But...does everybody agree with what he said about duplicate content only applying to the same domain? I had always thought that Google would not rank you if the same articles existed elsewhere...

Any thoughts?


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    He's right. But here is something to chew on. Google is likely going to only choose one page of all the domains out there to rank the page....So, if he sold you the same articles that 500 other websites are using, chances are good that if any of them rank (and none may not rank anyway), there will be 499 other webmasters wondering why theirs isn't ranking.

    You won't suffer a "penalty" per say....you may get listed in the "similar results" category.
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    Yeah, basically what you downloaded is completely useless if it has been sold to others also.

    If you got it first, you better get those pages indexed before anyone else does.
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    I appreciate it everyone...!
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