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Hi guys

I wonder if anyone knows the answer to the following

I have just put a video up on YouTube which is monentised with Adsense. Too boost its rankings I was about to purchase 400 views and likes but it occurred to me that this could backfire and get my Adsense account banned.

Does anyone know if this is against the Adsense TOS?

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    Yes it is, don't do it.
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    Hi Bernard,
    I believe google can figure out if it is genuine regardless of whether it is a youtube video,etc.
    I got my adsense account closed recently. They will reply you that they detected unnatural activity etc... There's nothing you can do when they close yr acct but to start a new one using diff email acct. Best is to drive traffic to yr site.
    cheers, Bob

    You Are Too Blessed To Be Stressed

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    remove Adsense order views get it ranking then reapply Adsense
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    dude, where did you buy the views and likes, may be the person who's do that use black way of getting that..
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    If you are getting 20 to 25 views per day by ordering views then it will not a problem at all, but if it boost your views in one or two days then may be a problem for your adsense account!


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    Buying traffic doesn't work for Adsense.
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    Its working, but for very short time
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    Actually not trying to buy traffic but boost the ranking of my videos on Google ... So I popped on to Fiverr and purchased a deal or two ... think I will remove ads for the moment just in case

    Thank you everyone for your comments

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    you can turn monetization off for that specific video while you promote it, then you can turn it back on later when complete.
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