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One of the best lessons I ever taught myself was that everything and anything is content.

Your life experiences, thoughts, ideas, videos, audio, pictures.. EVERYTHING is content.

I'll say it one more time because it's so vital that you know this, every single thing is content. It might seem weird, but it's true. Think for example a picture of dog poop. Although you might not view it as content, that's one of the reasons websites like funnyjunk are so successful.

There are videos of people singing songs that don't make any sense, yet those videos have millions of views.

People share their thoughts on videos all the time (for example when that guy shot his daughters laptop) although he may not have known it at the time, he was creating one of the most talked about youtube videos just by sharing his opinions.

Content is everywhere.

Stop worrying so much and just use what you have.
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    Thanks bro! I'd like to add - just have fun with it too!

    RIP Dad Oct 14 1954 - Mar 14 2015.

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    You are right. But the main issue is you create great content and others just copy/scrap it. You are just helpless...
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      Originally Posted by peatermead View Post

      You are right. But the main issue is you create great content and others just copy/scrap it. You are just helpless...
      Do not worry about being copied, plus it's not all bad, it's what makes our world work. Or the universe for that matter.
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    When you create content that is relevant and helpful, you not only have the opportunity for that content to go viral, but help someone too.
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    No doubt content is everything but only those articles that makes sense and useful to its target readers.
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      Originally Posted by Jmart11 View Post

      theres a difference between useful content and crap content
      I agree.

      That's not the direction that I was trying to go.

      I was saying that content is content, meaning you can come up with content off the top of your head if you start using the experiences in your life.

      So for example, even though it may not seem like anything, you could have a blog talking about the experiences you have riding a motorcycle. You could post up small things that happen and find out that they could go viral.

      It's not crap content if you are being real with what you have to say.

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