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I have a site which comes OK on Google (#5). I am launching another related site with the same keyword. There is a link (one way link, not reciprocal) between these sites. I have a reason I want to have separate sites with the same keyword.

For the original site (now #5), I have made many related information blogs, mini sites which are not bad quality and put the links to the main website. These backlinks are the only backlinks I get for that site.

Now, I'm thinking about putting the backlinks to the new site on the same blogs/sites etc. but I'm not sure if it is a good idea. There will be 2 sites which share the exact same backlink sources.

Am I worried too much or should I use totally different backlink sources (that would be much more work)? Would there be any difference if I don't link these sites?

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    That wouldn't be a problem at all.

    I do this for many of my sites in the same niche, too.
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    no problem at all! if you are going after different keywords or even the same keywords for both sites.
    maybe just make a separate user account for them?

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      If both your sites are in the same IP (say you are using baby plan of HG), then this may not be a great idea. :p
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