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hello friends
i m new here
well i need suggestion from you as i want to buy some SEO tools.which tool u prefer i should buy as i m new and i dont know how to use difficult tools

1#ultimate demon
2#Scrape box
4#Senuke X

which tool u suggest me as i want good rankings and after buying these tools i dont want to mark manually so what tools u suggest me to buy?
easy to use tools are good one's and i dont have any idea bout these tools.
#buy #tool
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    Until you understand how to do it by hand.. don't buy anything.
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      Originally Posted by Nelapsi View Post

      Until you understand how to do it by hand.. don't buy anything.
      Agreed. The only tool you can use right off the bat is a spinner. I use spinrewriter.com but anyone will do. Create some web 2.0 properties and submit to article directories by hand so you know the process.
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    You should do everything manually .But if you wanna buy a tool then i recommend you should buy senuke x . Because it is so powerful and one of the most used seo tool.
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    I also use SenukeX but just use to run for tier3. I do all tier1 and tier2 manually. That's great method.
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    First of all you need to understand SEO a little bit before buying a software. You should to all SEO manually, so that you know which SEO technique works for you. Than you should search for software which automates most of the stuff, so that you can earn more and faster.

    Second point is that you canĀ“t compare these software. Scrapebox is a must have tool for scraping, blog commenting, link checker and many other stuff.

    Senuke x and ultimate demon is for Tier 1 and Tier 2.

    GSA is for diversifying your links and for supporting your Tier structure.


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    Just buy senuke mate.
    It was multifunction tool for SEO and backlinking
    it will more usefull for adsense / blogger fighter
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    GSA all the way.

    You should read up more about SEO though before you go spamming your site into oblivion
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    I really wouldn't use any of those, especially spinners. You could buy something like SEO Power Suite or SEOMoz Pro, but that's just for analyzing and reporting. I do everything else manually. A good, relevant backlink made by hand can be worth 1000 automatically created links on poor sites.
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    You never buy a tool first and then decide how to use it. You decide what's your strategy and then buy the tools which can help you execute/achieve that faster. So there is no point suggesting you which tool is good. We all have different strategies for SEO and that's why you'll get different suggestions from everyone - which will further confuse you. You might end up buying based on maximum votes - which can be the worst tool for your needs.

    So just sit back, find out what all things you need to do - may be share that here and we can suggest you which tools are best fit for those needs.
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    Senuke X,, i thnk this tool will be best for you.
    but at first read few articles... how to use Senuke X efficiently .

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    There are a lot of tools that you can download free. No need to buy. You can also get accurate result from it.
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