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by rure
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I hope you don't mind me asking for some advice. My site isnt being indexed by Google. It is by Bing and Yahoo. Seems like google has black listed me or something? I have Wordpress. And i have a goos robots.txt and a good sitemap.xml

I added pingler too. Is there a way to find out if google has blocked me, and a way to un-block?

Im kind of a beginner with sep. Appreciate any help!

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  • Google can take up to 6-7 weeks to index your site,
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    Robert G Williams
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      Originally Posted by Robert G Williams View Post

      Google can take up to 6-7 weeks to index your site
      Maybe in 1997
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    You are correct, have you tried to manually submit it to Google?

    PS - I am in SoCal too, great mma site!
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  • Rure,

    As mentioned by Robert G Williams, it can take a while for your site to start showing up in Google’s SERP’s. Are you sure that you are not seeing your site in there? Have you tried using an SERP checker to see if you are indexed or simply manually searching through results?

    You can submit your website to Google webmaster tools if you have not done so already. This may speed up the process for you. Also submit the sitemap to them.

    Another thing is your robots.txt file. If there is no reason to block search engines from certain parts of your site you should delete this file. Robots.txt is meant as instructions for search engines that abide by it and lets them know parts of your site that you do not want indexed. It is a common misconception for people to think they need this file but they don’t. If Googlebot comes to your site, it will look for the robots.txt file. If it cannot find it, it will crawl your entire site.

    Here is a good tutorial on robots.txt,

    The Web Robots Pages

    here is some info about submitting your site to google webmaster tools,

    Submitting a sitemap to Google Webmaster tools - Google Sites Help

    Hope that helps,

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    write more unique and interesting post, and ping your blog
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    Hi, best piece of advice I can offer is do not panic. Google can sandbox a new site for weeks or months. Check your access log files to see if googlebot has visited you by all means but let nature run it's course. If the other search engines have indexed you then there is unlikely to be any problems either with access or content so just do not worry about it. Jim


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    I would ping your blog. Also make sure you submit it on popular sites such as DIgg and also other popular social bookmarking sites.

    I had trouble with indexing before but when I did that, thankfully it worked.

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    You should make sure to also get some legitimate "white-hat" backlinks. (Guest posting etc.)

    Have you tried searching for your exact page titles?
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    From looking at the domain age, I'm assuming you bought an aged domain. Looks like it already had over 4k links built to it in the past. Google could have penalized it...
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    Manually submit to Google:
    (you will need to be signed in to Webmaster tools)

    Get some quality links to your site.

    Never Give Up!

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      Actually I wouldn't highly recommend manually submitting your site to Google. Thats just like saying, "hey Google, I'm a newbie in my niche and need help getting noticed". But your site is aged and already has a link profile. If you take a look at what the site looked like in 2007 here,

      Subfighter Mixed Martial Arts Academy - Home

      You'll see that at the bottom they offered, "sponsored links". That could have been a red flag in terms of a negative effect on the site (if they were linking to bad places) and it could have been banned and de-indexed cause of it. Try and update the site daily with unique high quality content with pinging. You could also try these tools to help get indexed.

      Data SystemsPlus

      Hope this made some kind of sense
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    i just encountered the same question as you, a website related to mba education, about 1dollar per click, very fantastic, what a pity banned by google. and then no matter what i tried, which still not indexed again.

    what i learned from this is that traffic should be various, not only google search engine.

    for your situation, maybe you can upload some videos to youtube, and add your websites link to the description area.

    if it doesn't work, just forget about google, try to use web2.0 websites to get traffic, such like twitter, forum or video traffic.
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    Wow everyone, THANK YOU for the outpouring of great suggestions!
    - Sounds like I am doing most everything right.
    - New content, and pinging with pingler, and updating the content often
    - I have plenty of Youtube videos that I have put our site URL in the title of
    - I have done the usual Google Webmaster tools, validating site, manual entry, site map, fetch as Google, etc.
    - I was wondering if the past owner got the site in the penalty box
    - I have already requested re-consideration to Google, just in case
    - I do get lots of googlebot crawls, just no index. Although I am at the top of the search results for Bing & Yahoo.
    - I think I will take the advice offerred, and delete my robots.txt
    - Perhaps in the end this will all just come down to patience, it hasnt quite been 8 weeks yet, so maybe I just need to chill out :-)

    Thanks again!!

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    Hey everyone - SUCCESS!!! is finally at or near the tops of search with Google, as well as Bing and Yahoo. All your advice paid off! One thing that did it for Google was a request for "Reconsideration". I wasn't sure but I suspected the site was blocked by googlebot. Turns out it was (for spam, due to prior owner of the url)! Got a note back from Google the other day saying they manually unblocked it ... now Im good. That was a tough 6-8 weeks for somebody like me who is a bit OCD :-) But because of the trouble, I was forced to learn a whole let. Anyway, thanks again for your help.
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    fist you should get backlinks from forum with a lot of member, like WSO forum and yahoo answer. It's very good for newsite
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