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Hey All!

This is my first post here, so go easy on me...

I am working on a blog project that I want to start link-building via article marketing for. I also want to use social bookmarking to generate buzz/traffic/links to my various posts/articles.

Anyway - I am not so sure of the best way to use my content. Say I have a pool of 20 articles per week... do I post all 20 articles to my blog, then submit links to them at the social bookmarking sites AND THEN submit the same articles to article marketing sites, or will I be shooting myself in the foot and wasting some of my content?

I would love to be able to use the articles I have to post on my blog, link to at bookmark sites, and then submit these same articles to be syndicated, but I'm wondering if a better route would be to use 1/2 the articles for my site, and then link to those via social bookmarking sites, and then use the other 1/2 to submit to article sites and not post those same articles on my blog.

Hopefully I explained my question clear enough...


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    Any takers on this one?
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      A good strategy is to put all the articles on your blog/site. Then rewrite the articles completely and then submit it to article directories. Make a google search on 'article marketing tips' and you will find your answer.
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          Originally Posted by rome9t9 View Post

          I found this very useful not only to newbies but also to current webmasters who wanted to learn more...
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            Yes I have answered many questions in the above mentioned post on "Article Marketing and Submission Tips For Success" However One thing you may want to consider and I don't think it was discussed in the above mention post.

            Your blog posting question; It is a great thing to post unique quality content to your blog along with submitting it with links to various sites. However, Be Careful on your frequency in how often you post an article to your blog.

            The search engines like to see a blog grow naturally, posting 20 articles at once or over a short period of time would not be a good thing. You may want to consider posting one article every three days or more. If you are using blogger and have a very high posting frequency the spam bots may lock your blog or even worse delete the blog.

            If you are getting more than 20 articles a week you may want to consider creating a few different blogs and link them together. For each blog you create you will want to focus on a set of related keywords. For example if you were in the do training niche. Create a blog titled "Dog Training Help and Tips" Then another blog could be titled "Puppy Training Help and Tips" and a third could be "K-9 Training Help"

            Now you can spread out a bit and link your blogs together. If you are receiving PLR articles I would HIGHLY recommend you rewrite the article to make them unique. There are some techniques you can use in your blog description and article titles. For example in your blog description you could say: "We will be adding many article to give you lots of tips and advice on dog training help" The title of your article may read "dog training help - tips and advice you should know"

            Then in your article maybe have your keywords once in the first and last paragraph and once in the middle for an article of 350 words. Now lately I don't even worry about keywords when writing articles. I keep them in mind and they just come out naturally in the article. This has worked very well for me. Just be careful not to over stuff the keywords :--)

            You can also get more info for your other questions from this thread link as mentioned in the above post reply

            Hope this helps

            Cheers and To Your Success,


            "Motivation, Determination, & Perseverance are the Pillars Of Success" Paul Schmitt

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