Does Google Cash Detective really work?

by etreet
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hi,guys, I spent $1997 to own an alleged 'top secret tools' Google cash detective,and I cloned a couple of campaigns during last 2 weeks by using it ,I did a deep research through this software and I thought I had a perfect &evenbetter campaign clone. but when I launched the campaigns ,I didn't see any sales ,just burnt my money out. $500 gone ,only 2 sale! I really dont know what heck of this GCD is? Does anybody here has benefited from GCD? can you share some information?
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    Don't know if it's working...
    -Also spent a lot of time, money and efforts on something that was recommended by GCD. But up to now - a lot of CTR's but very few sales.
    Statistically not consequent.
    So with this I am prone to agree with you.
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    that was great thread there Affiliate max. Excellent, coz now I would not touch that even if some say if marvelously working. I heard from another forum about it and i was contemplating on trying affiliate marketing and now I think i have defer for now.


    Learn More About Me later...

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    Originally Posted by etreet View Post

    I cloned a couple of campaigns during last 2 weeks by using it ,
    etreet, what i get from the gcd training and webinars is that $500 is waaaay too much to spend for testing

    now, i'm new to adwords, maybe you're an adwords veteran and/or you have more money to spend, but frank constantly talks about minimizing your risk ($5, $10 per day strategies)

    i'm listening to a gcd webinar as i type this

    there are alot of disgruntled people who bought the software, there's about 240 people on the webinar happening now....people in gcd really want some better step-by-step teaching (i agree)..frank is talking about that now....

    i definitely understand the frustrations with gcd, however this software is very powerful when you use it in conjunction with other seo techniques...

    i'm getting a couple of campaigns up this weekend, God Willing

    from my gcd and google market research, i'm initially looking at 2 (possibly 3) markets and i'm not using a clickbank product for either one of them

    they are going to be direct linking....

    they keywords with as low as 10 searches to 12,000 searches monthly

    i am going to spend $5-10 max daily and probably try frank's $1 daily max technique

    Remember, i'm an adwords newbie, so i hope you're rooting for me and not against, despite how you feel about gcd

    i'm going to update you all on my progress with gcd because there are some in here who sincerely want to know how gcd is working for those who bought it

    I'm reserving full opinion of gcd until i get some campaigns running..hopefully i wont have to request a refund

    chris actually extended the refund date by 1 week because of all of the technical problems with gcd initially (my date is april 17th, 2009)

    as always i'm open to sincere advice with gcd and adwords

    i have until april 17th, 2009 to request a refund...i want to at least earn $195 in net profits by that time (i'm not greedy) to convince me to keep gcd

    i'm also looking into creating videos, ebooks and/or pdf's of campaign stats that i find in gcd and sell to those who could benefit

    since i'm an adwords newbie and there are those who are experienced, i believe there are some who will pay for this gcd info in a structured format

    anyway, the gcd webinar just ended..i've been typing too long

    any good advice is always appreciated

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      I had spent quite a fair bit of money trying every means to get adsense working but now has come to term of utilizing my own resources of advertising. It is slow but does have some income though. I believe we all have yet to discover the right method or solution that can help us generating more income. That is the missing key. For those who found it, it will remain as their secrets. Now it is up to us finding the right key!

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    I have GCD as well, and from the initial test campaigns I have done, I have not made a profit. What I will say though is that the information it provides is useful, but it's definitely not clear cut how they calculate the profitability index, which is what almost everyone is using to determine if to "clone" a campaign they have listed. It's basically hit or miss, but it's really just a research tool.
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    One thing that is somewhat misleading with these tools is in most cases, it's more than the ad that creates sales. Now if you're cloning direct linking campaigns, you have a better chance of success based on the data you're getting from GCD.

    But, for example...if you strictly basing your decisions on the ad data, you may have a problem. Make sure you take a look at the landing page of the campaign your trying to clone.

    I saw a post somewhere else, about a guy who was going on and on about how these types of apps don't work...well it turns out he was cloning ads and direct linking. But the ads he was cloning where pretty well laid out and tested landing pages. Presells, Review pages, Surveys, etc.

    Make sure you always look at the landing page and the approach they are using!

    One other problem with these tools is they always say, if an ad is running on a specific keyword for XX days, then it is profitable. Well, not true...many affiliates track keywords at the ad group level. So you may be cloning an ad and running it for a specific keyword that is actually unprofitable, but overall it's in an ad group that is profitable for the advertiser.
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