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Hey all,

I recently started learning Drupal. Yes, I know - steep learning curve

Anyway, here's my question.

When using using a drupal xml sitemap generator and submitter module to build an xml sitemap - should the sitemap file somehow automatically appear under Google's webmaster tools account if the subject website is verified?

Historically, I've built simple html sites and have used a sitemap generator to create an xml sitemap file; which I then submit via G's webmaster tools.

As a drupal xml sitemap generator also submits the file to Google, Bing, and other sites - I'm assuming it should appear under the webmaster tools. Am I right to assume this?

As is, the xml file doesn't appear and I just want to know what expect. My fear is that if I also submit it via the Webmaster Tools, that I'll be kinda over-submitting it and it would hurt the site's SEO efforts :rolleyes:

Thanks and peace out my fellow Warriors!
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