Will Google think bad of me?

by Naets
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Hey there,

Ive been wondering this for a while. This is in regards to SEO. If, for example, I make a website(or a couple) and google don't think of it as a good site in their eyes, will they remember me (the person who made a bad site) when I make a new better site and penalize me because of mistakes I made in the past?

Will they hold a grudge against me in other words? Or do you begin with a "clean slate" every time you a new site is indexed?

I hope it makes sense and I hope someone can answer this.
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    Mate, you are over-thinking

    No, they won't hold a grudge against you (except those cases where you have an Adwords or Adsense account that's banned - in which case they'll remember you and won't give you another account).

    But in terms of SEO, no. Every new site is an independent entity. So they won't come after you
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    Google won't hold grudge with you???...
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    It's just a virtual entity, it doesn't think anything of anyone :-)
    Don't worry about it.
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    That is so naive

    I remember my stupid questions for my mentor when I was a newbie.
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    Not only will they remember you, but they usually also shutdown your gmail account, make youtube videos about what an idiot you are, slash your car tires, and steal your girlfriend.
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      This is funny... Google will hunt you down and take your car the first time and don't even ask what they will do the second time...
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