If I do this will Google considered as duplicate content ?

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Hello Warrior's I have a question and need advice, one of my site that got hit by the latest Google algorithm update lost the first page ranking and overtime I purchased another domain so all content that I had on the domain that got hit by algorithm update I deleted so now when I run that old content on CopyScape is show: 0 duplicate content find, so I want to know is it Ok to use that old content on new site ? will Google remember that old content was exist before on old site or no ? will this be consider as duplicate content or is it OK ? ...
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    If you move your all contents to a new site then shut down the old site, this should be no problem in Google. Google will deindex the old site if you shut down it.
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    Wait until google deindexed all your previous content.
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    Its always advisable to go for new and fresh content for your website, at the same time, for the old domain remove the old content and come up with the new content for gaining traffic and better ranking of keyword positions.
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    I ran into a similar situation once. But i didn't change my domain. I transferred from one server to a different one. But once the entire website got transferred, i deleted the files on the old server. Didn't effect my page ranking that much. =)
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    Yeah you can do it.
    Go to webmaster and remove your old site's all pages.
    And add your new site with new sitemap.
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    Only on
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    Just Submit some important pages to Google Webmaster URL indexing tool.
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    If you do a 301 redirect you will be fine, Google understand that the content is MOVED to the new domain.

    If you think that about penalty following to new site. Make sure your old pages renders 410 staus and wait for some time and move the content to new site.
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