Using a graphic sales letter while still maintaining a high quality score

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I purchased a WSO the other day that's a fabulous sales letter creator. The issue is, the end result is a graphics file. I was planning on using these sales letters as landing pages in PPC campaigns. But it dawned on me that I'm going to have a horrible quality score because there's no text.

Anybody have any suggestions on getting around this?

I was thinking that I could possibly have the graphic sales letter and then below that an html version. I'm not sure how the Google AdWords bot would handle that but it's not like I'd be trying to hide the text or anything. It would just follow a rather large image.

It's not ideal as it will look a bit funky to the user, but hopefully they would have converted prior to the text version beginning.

Other than that, only think I can think of is to not use the software and just use a text/html version. But being new to sales letter formatting it's nice to have a guide.

Any other suggestions?
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