Is a standard promotion text duplicate content?

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I have a blog and below every article is a standaard promotion text of about 120 words. The articles are about 500 words.

Will Google see this standaard promotion text as duplicate content, which will negatively influence my SEO?
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  • Mister Ozzy,

    Google states in their policy about duplicate content that they look for “substantive blocks” of content that is exactly the same or very similar on the same or across domains. I would say that you are probably ok. As long as there is far more content on the page that is unique you will be fine.

    Google’s policy,

    Duplicate content - Webmaster Tools Help

    Hope that helps,

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    the best option is don't extract any part of the content of your website and publish it on other websites.

    if you can write your unique 500 words article why would writing another short description of 100+ words be a difficult task?

    any slight mistake Google can penalize your website, so just stay away from such mistakes.
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    with 120 words repeated under every article you are guaranteed to get penalized by Google, you should also mix up the size of the articles and not just keep them all to 500 words as this is also un natural for any site.
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    Thanks for the replies. It looks like some people disagree here.

    @ zoldustra: That is definitely not correct. When an article is everytime about 500 words it will definitely not get you penalized.

    I found here a thread which explains it even better I think. A small signature below an article is fine I think.
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