Does it matter what page gets links?

by dp1993
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Lets say i have a site with 5 pages and 500 links. Does it matter if i had 100 links for each page or 500 to one page? Do links to a certain page make that specific page's rank improve or just links to the overall site do?

Just wondering i got my site's homepage to page 2 of google for my main keyword, and been wondering if i should pay more attention to links to my homepage.
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    can anyone answer this question?
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    Hi dp1993!

    In a way, yes!If you want to rank something, the more links, the better and the more quality you can get is for the best. However, take note that every page is rank individually in terms of off-page optimisation factors.

    If you point all 500 links to one page, obviously, that will be the only page that will be rank. But if you want to rank many pages, make a balance. For examples, set 100 links on a particular page, and place 200 on your homepage. Well, it really depends to where you decide to point your links. But one thing is for sure, you have to get as many links as possible for your home page.

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    agree with jclindayag...
    i say though that you should diversify. google is on hunt for back link building so they most probably just do not put much weight on it anymore. they are on for social proof so i´d go for that - ask your friends and fans to share your posts which is, actually, a back link as well

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    Thankyou for this post!! I normally only point links to my homepage, but spreading them over the pages of my site is a great idea, and one I didn't think of. As for social networking sites, I'm finding these are a strong way to create backlinks.
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    of course you have priority pages that you nee to rank higher. Let these get more links.
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    SEO is about pages, not about sites. Treat each page as a project.

    The good thing about building links to internal pages is when people do a search on your brand or company name, you get a nice little sub-menu in the search results.
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    You definitely want to spread them out.

    Neil Patel claims that 80% of your links should point to deep pages. I think that's a bit overboard, but it gives you an idea of what you should be striving for.

    Remember: you want everything to look nice and natural...
    ...and 500 links to one page looks anything but.
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      Yes, but sooner or later Google will rank the pages that should get ranked.

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    I think, he is building links of inner pages for the sake of natural links..

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    Doesnt matter. Hammer your homepage with optimized anchor text for other pages or even raw anchor links in co-occurring phrase content for your other pages, and either your homepage or the inner page will start to rank.

    Its all about the page and site quality where your links are coming from.
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