Visitors from Google without SEO? Is it possible?

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Dear Warriors,

I want to ask if I am going to build a blog in low competition niche and make about 20-30 extremely valuable posts, am I going to have visitors from Google without doing any SEO? "Just rely on value and not on SEO"

Thank you,
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    I started "writing" my blog 6 months ago. I said "writing" because I am not writing anything just adding motivational photos ect. After few weeks I added hittail to blog and till now I am adding photos with hittail suggested keywords.
    So from almost 0 visitors I went to 120k monthly.

    I can say I didn't do any SEO just hittail. But anyway you have to know some keywords which will help you to get any visitors.
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    Yes, valuable content goes a long way. However, it will take longer to "naturally" rank high on Google, even in a low competition niche. SEO, even 100% whitehat, speeds things up.

    I have definitely made blogs in the past that reached #1 on Google without any SEO at all. Just on-site optimization and excellent content. But I did notice that it was (relatively) easy for someone to knock me out of my position if I didn't have any backlinks or social signals.
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    Very possible. But difficult. If you're getting thousands of hits a day, maybe even tens of thousands, search engines cannot afford to ignore you.
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    Absolutely it id possible.Make use of social media and video,offer great content and value.A great example of a blog ranking high for a SEO keyword can be found at guy is awesome!

    FREE REPORT....Go viral and blast your traffic results out of the park!

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    I think it can. But must update your blog regularly
    Earn $1,037.69 in daily is NOT a big amount.
    I can show you how to do this.

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    If you really intend to rank up your blog fast and get more traffic quickly, then you definitely need to do seo marketing strategies. But, then again, the content is still important and the consistency of the posts on a regular basis.
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    It might happen. I have blogs which doesn't have any SEO works but I got around 230 visitors from google daily. Among them 200 visitors come from google image because I used different images on my blogs. Another 30-40 visitors are directly from google.
    So, why not for you. It is very common and very normal.
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    I don't think so because if you are not doing SEO of your blog it can't gives you good traffic from Google. You have to build links at least forums and blogs.
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    according to what Google says is we have to provide only content and it would do all rest of the work.

    But it is not so, you have to be careful to keywords too.

    three great FREE tools -, and

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    Search Engines love fresh and unique content.
    Without seo effort you can get a lot of traffic to your site but not for long terms. Your one published article can get comparatively good traffic to your site for around 2 weeks and when the article become older, then traffic for that ARTICLE will start decreasing..(in this process you always need fresh content)
    if you optimized each of your webpage with selected keywords then you can get much more traffic as compare to above method and with this method you can get consistent traffic to each of your web page and your site receive consistent traffic as long as each of your keyword stays on 1st page of Google (The Leading S.E). This method is not quick but can give you long lasting results.
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    The SEO game has changed so much. I personally feel it's better to go for paid advertising such as Facebook ads. If you have a hot product, powerful sales funnel and a lead capture form on your site, it's worth setting aside a small amount in facebook advertising or any other forms of paid advertising. The secret is to reinvest your profits back into your business. I know people who have wanted months to get visits by doing SEO and when they do get visitors, they don't buy anything. You have to assess the situation and act accordingly.
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