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I now average about 20,000 people a month in blog visitors. I make about $8-16 per month with adsense. I have three sets of ads on my site with adsense and Koomona (this I get about .15 a month).

My husband is convinced I am doing something wrong. I tried Commission Junction and have tried Amazon too.

My blog was small and readership has grown. I keep thinking someday that if I continue to build it adsense might pick up but I don't know if that is realistic.

I have not sold anything on my site yet and I hope to do that over the summer (ebooks).

Is this about right with adsense or might I be doing something wrong?

I write in the area of mental health.
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    Is is possible to share the site? Mental Health is a huge niche, but it should be generating pretty good ads (with high PPC and CTR). Maybe you have just put the ads on the wrong places. But thats just one of the many possibilities...

    Where are your visitors come from (social sites, organic search engines...)?
    How long they are on your site (aka do you have a good content)?
    What is your bounce-rate (don't they just leave right when they visit you)?
    From what Country are you visitors (20K US targeted visitors to mental health and $16 is really not good)?

    Just give us some more info, maybe somebody helps you!

    Take care!
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    Yeah, post the URL in code tags if you will.
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