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So I read a case study that was performed by a guy, with the intention of figuring out if there is any relation to the percentage of exact anchor text in link profiles, to where certain sites rank on Google for the exact match phrase.
He chose very competitive keyword phrases, and analyzed the backlink profiles of the sites found in the first 4 spots on Google for those phrases, comparing them to the amount of exact match anchor text in their backlink profiles.
He found that more often than not, sites were ranking on pg1 of Google for rediculous tough keywords, with like less than 5% of their overall link profile comprised of exact match anchor text for those keywords.
I'd like to know opinions on this? Is it really "less is more" nowadays when it comes to exact match anchors?
If this is the case, and I have say for example, 50 backlinks, do I really only want like 4 or 5 of them to contain exact match anchor text? THX
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