Any way to create human readable but Google invisible links

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Thinking in terms of juice flow, silo structure, etc.

Is there any way these days to create a menu that a human can see and use, but that doesn't eat up valuable juice flow or screw up our silo structure?

These are links like contact us, privacy, terms and conditions, etc. that we probably should have (and for the purpose of this discussion I don't care about AdSense requirements).

Also could be a silo landing page that would make sense to include in a main menu, but that at least somewhat breaks our silo.

Or I guess even ads, affiliate links, etc.

I know in the past, it was thought that you could use javascript, flash, or iframes. But I think it's been proven that these methods are unreliable at best.

Any other option these days?
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    I don't think this is possible. Creating the links which are human readable will be visible to well.
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    Well it would be possible but then you're getting into the dark area
    of "cloaking" which is against Googles TOS and will get you banned
    if they catch you.

    I wold advise against it myself. It's just not worth it.

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    Yes, this can happen if you do something against the TOS of Google. Google can penalize you heavily if you go against its TOS.
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    Rather than doing some cloaking, you can just setup your robots.txt and exclude those pages from being crawled by google
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    fFash.... Flash content can't be read by google and its legal to have it on a site.
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    Javascript will get you links only for traffic, but not all javascript is equal, If your hiding links for whatever reason your going to need to make it more complex code than the average javascript link.

    Last time I looked (been a while) ebay was hiding most of their nav. links in the header with javascript, compare the cache text version to the live web page.

    Flash will also work (like dcary13 pointed out) as long as the link is embedded in the flash. Flash would be a headache just for links (IMO).

    I wouldn't advise hiding any links If your monetizing the page with Adsense.
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    I think I read that Google can't read drop down menus.

    Tim Pears

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