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My site has been the number two search result for my keyword for the last three weeks. I recently moved up to the first position for the last three days then went back down the number two. Is this normal to bounce back and forth before finally ending up at number one?

I had the number one spot before for my keyword but I don't remember a three day time period at the top spot then back down.
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    Its normal, google has algorithm updates almost every week. stuff changes all the time.
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    Originally Posted by inetguru_987 View Post

    finally ending up at number one
    There's no such thing as "finally ending up at number one". Search rankings are continuously being updated based upon new information gathered. You're always at jeopardy of losing your rankings even if you do nothing yourself to justify the drop. If it's a good keyword there's always someone trying to get on top of you. And sometimes they will. Nothing to worry about, just keep plugging away.
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    It's normal. The top 3 positions keep shuffling and there is no need to worry about. You will get enough traffic from it.
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    Yeah, the top positions are not always guaranteed. As long as you are in the top 3 or 5, you are good for competitive keywords because you are sure to bring in good traffic.
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    It is not only you working for that "keyword". Right?
    So others might working more for it, resulting yours one a bit lower, sometimes higher..
    It's common phenomena.
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    check competitor bl and add more backlinks
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    It's just bcoz of your competition. Add some unique and interesting content, images according to the taste of your visitors and get some quality back links from your related niche. It will helps you to knock down your competitor for that targeted keyword and get you #1 position in Google..

    All the best,
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    don't worry too much if your site on the Top 3 position of google. If your site drop to the second page, you need to check the back links.
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  • To be precise, you can never hold on to any top 3 spots for a longer duration.
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    By the way I only bounced for a few days and have been number one since.
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    I think there is nothing to worry its normal algo called Google dance. Just keep going with Quality backlinks and real marketing... you will be fix to 1st soon...
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