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please check my website: LOLZ DAILY

can adsense ban me for using such photos or its ok,what you think?

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    No mate, i think its cool enough, this not a porn site. And it is not performing violation.
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    I know they're not a fan of picture sites but then again, none of us here work for Google.
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    Good enough to apply for adsense.. Wish you best of luck..
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    I've ran photo websites (similar) to this and even though the result was horrible; they did allow it.

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      to: asiriusthoth what you mean they didnt allow it?,did you get banned or they never accepet you to adsense?
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    IMO you stand a very good chance of getting banned, I doubt you created any of those images. It only takes a single person/webmaster to get pissed off because their image is on your site to get banned from Adsense.

    IMO, this image alone (most likely other images) will get you banned.

    Here's all you need to know to keep an Adsense account.

    3) According to our policies, publishers may not place AdSense code on pages with content that violates any of our content guidelines and may not place:

    c) content that is adult, copyrighted, violent or advocating racial intolerance
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