What are the best Web2.0 blogs to build links?

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I wrote a couple of articles about 5000 words in total that are related to my site, and I'd like to make some backlinks off them.

The question is, where to do I better host them? I've checked around some decent hosting plans but couldn't find anything worthy for less than $4 a month, which is a bit unreasonable for me. There are cheaper plans of course, but they don't seem reliable. So I decided to make it on a web 2.0 blogs, and set up a custom domain for it, so it wouldn't look too sucky.

The problem though, the sites like Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, have all got the "powered by" attribution links, which you aren't allowed to remove. Now if I buy some links for my blog, the authority would be distributed back to 2.0 which I don't want. So could you please advise some reliable Blog without attributions which can be used for the purpose of link building?
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    Please help. I can't still figure out.

    The thing with wordpress is that it actually makes a lot of shit links.
    1 link powered by wordpress, then 2 more links for the theme and theme's website. Then author links, instead to link your site they are linking to the author's profile at wordpress. The fourth reason it sucks is that domain mapping is not free, but costs $13 **** yeah.

    Blogger seems to be better, as I didn't see any domain mapping fee. But yet, it would still make the shit author's attribution at the blogger profile, and another powered by blogger you shouldn't remove.

    I checked a couple of other sites and can't find anything appropriate. Please help me. I'm sure you experienced SEOs have tried most of them already, so please advice something.
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    You can choose hubpages and squidoo,which are two best websites for driving traffic.
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      My favourite web2.0 properties are Squidoo and Weebly.
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    Depending on your niche Squidoo or Hub-pages may not be suitable either -However they may prove very useful to you in driving traffic ...

    Go for your domain it's worth it in the end and $5 a month you must conit to doing somethig that ... has ROI and not offering recycled ..
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    Squidoo and Hub pages will be better.
    But in your situation I will publish the articles on related blogs.
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    Web 2.0 linkbuilding has much to do about filling out your profile in web 2.0 websites – especially the ‘links’ or ‘websites’ part.
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    Submit it to Ezines, HubPages, Squidoo, Goarticles, ArticleBase and other article submission sites.

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    I Sell What People Want. The Money Is A Bonus..
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    Web 2.0 properties are good if you keep posting in them just like a blog
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