Can Google Keyword Tool Be Trusted?

by Saidar
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Hello Warriors

I'm a bit disgusted at the moment. I found a niche with no competition in my country, the keyword sports fitness. The keyword tool gave me statistics of about 300 000 a month for that keyword in my country. So I quickly created a website, and optimized it. The content isn't really usefull I just did a test to see what would happen.

Ok so I got indexed 3rd for the keyword! I was so happy, but the next day google analytics gave me stats of 2 visitors. 2 People visited my site in a day, whereas google gave me statistics of about 300 000 a month. Now I know I'm third, so lets say I get 5% of the visitors. I should at least have gotten 500 visitors a day!

What's going on? To see my search results from a foreign IP use the following link: sports fitness - Google Search

My website:

Any reason why something like this should happen please let me know!
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    This happens a lot, I don't know why. But something in the way they collect data. Maybe they only collect data on each search term over a 30 minute period per month or something, and if it gets 5 searches in 30 minutes they assume it gets that many searches every 30 minutes (which is a risky assumption).

    I don't know if that's the reason, but based on my experience a lot of keyword phrases' stats are inflated. From experience I can usually tell if they're inflated when I'm doing my kw research.

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    All I use it the Google keyword tool. It's awesome if you know how to use it.
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      Maybe you can specify exactly how to get accurate search data for any niche? Because I'm a bit confused at the moment.
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    If you feel google is not delivering as expected, there are other keyword tools on the net. These includes:keyword tracker,keyword discovery,wordze,SEO book keyword tool,SEO digger,keyword spy,spyfu, nitchbot
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      Hmm. Well that shows my ignorance of Google's Keyword tool. I've always used SEO Book Keyword Tool and Wordtracker.

      Nice looking site though, Saidar!

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