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Is SEO, I'm absolutely useless at it and always have been especially since I came back into IM a couple of years ago. (Stuff changes so much online).

I've decided to take the bull by the horns (so to speak), and get myself at least a working knowledge, so what are we doing nowadays to get traffic to our sites and buying our stuff besides using affiliates etc

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    Onsite optimization (!), content is a huge deal (the more good quality content you can crank out the better), social media is becoming a bigger deal, web 2.0, tiered linking to cover our butts. The game has changed a lot, even in the past year. But the good news is it's not anything incredibly complicated, just a new set of rules to learn.

    Links are still very important, good quality links help, bad quality links are now getting some webmasters in trouble. more than ever before. A lot of the old "go to" backlinking methods are pretty much useless now. Some like blog commenting can still work if executed correctly.

    As far as traffic goes youtube is huge, facebook is huge, blogs are awesome...
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    Get a plugin like yoasts seo plugin and follow it.

    The main rules to go by is aim for unique content, relevant backlinks and try diversify your backlink anchors
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      Originally Posted by trafficmasters View Post

      Get a plugin like yoasts seo plugin and follow it.

      The main rules to go by is aim for unique content, relevant backlinks and try diversify your backlink anchors
      Perfect answer. This is important while doing SEO. Also go for manual link building, which will be in your control, all the time.
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    Thanks guys, it gives me something to start with .

    Nice to know good quality content is still considered to be important

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    Another good tip:

    Sign up to the email newsletters of 5-10 SEO experts, the leaders in the field (SEOmoz, etc) and create a filter so that all of their emails go into 1 folder of your email account (of course you could just use a new gmail account or other for the exact same purpose, and skip the filtering)

    Then just spend maybe 1-2 hours each month, skimming through all the emails you've collected for that time period, and you'll have a pretty good idea of all the "updates" and hot news in SEO.

    At the end of the day though, if you learn the basics of SEO (good website structure and content + proper quality and diversified link building) then that's pretty much all you need to know.

    Things change in SEO every day, but the fundamentals stay pretty much the same.

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    Quality content is very important but content wont rank for it's self over time, I think having good social signals and building backlinks manually will help you rank better. Manual link building will keep everything looking natural with Google and you wont have any problems. Just don't buy silly gigs from fiverr that promise you top rankings, most likely these links can raise a red flag with Google.
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