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hi guys,

i was wondering what is better to have.
2 pages on my site with 500 words each
or 1 page with 1200 words?

btw i have more than that but i am wondering if to add 1 or 2 pages to my existing content
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    I think 1 page with 1200 words better than 2 pages with 500 words.
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    Depends on other factors too. If the 1200 words stray off topic or are not tightly focused together than splitting between 2 different pages with differently themed topics would be better than one page.
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      Well, it really depends on your content. I think that a long article that's basically not making a lot of sense or is composed of one topic that's just written around in circles isn't any better than one that's just composed of 500 words. But if you believe that 1200 words will let you explain your content a little bit better than just a short article, then proceed with it.

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    If you have both pages with distinct topics, then yes, continue with the two pages, but if it is truly all the same content, just split in two pages, keep it one page as it is easier SEO wise.
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