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I got 4 travel websites and with a very good content on it. How should I get people to stop long enough to listen?
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    Putting videos on your site is a good way to keep people on your site. Also, if you place a lot of ads or links to other websites on your site, these are ways for your traffic to leak out. This is of course assuming that your content is not only very good as you claim, but has a call to action and a good product / service to sell.
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    Good, basic advice and sometimes we need to be reminded! Thanks

    Need a better way to drive traffic to your travel site? Reliable related links is what you are looking for.

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    What is your marketing tactics?

    I suggest you promote and drive traffic to your site through blogging, related forums, social bookmarking, social network and others.

    Once people see it and love it they can bookmark it, share it and syndicate the content and of-course with a link back to you which means a higher chances of getting referral traffic.
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    The most basic thing to let your visitors stay and read your content is to make it interesting and straight to the point - with lots of important information. You can put images and videos to your content as this can also interest readers as well as a good content for the crawlers.

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    Put interesting Images of different destinations. Write interesting articles about places to visit. IT will help people to read your articles.
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    To have friendly content in SEO, you have to sure the following
    1. write relevant
    2. put conclusions at the beginning
    3. use lists instead of paragraphs
    4. include internal sub-headings and they should include your keyword phrase
    It is more important you have to write articles with quality and unique content.
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    An example on an SEO Friendly Content has the following;

    -PARAGRAPHS (6 sentences per paragraph is the ideal, people easily gets bored on reading LONG paragraphs.)
    -CONCLUSION AT THE END OF THE CONTENT (it can either be open ended/question)

    This is what i apply on my articles.
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      Since your websites are travel sites, it is expected that you use more than just text. Include HIGH quality images and videos along with interesting informational bites or caption. This will help in making people scroll down until the last part of your web page.
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    Originally Posted by sandyallain View Post

    I got 4 travel websites and with a very good content on it. How should I get people to stop long enough to listen?
    Write User-friendly content.. Since your site is travel related, you can write interesting stories about traveling.
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    create some attractive videos, upload them on youtube. when users watch videos, and find them amazing, they will come to your website for more content about the company. then in the website if they find more embedded youtube videos, photo galleries, they will love your website. this is an efficient way to promote a website.
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    To create search engine optimization friendly content, you should noe the foolowing during completing
    1. forcus content around tasks. Use words and phrases that your users actually search for.
    2. create meaningful "on-page" elements.
    3. ensure content is original
    4. build strong linking networks.
    5. make content sharable and engaging
    If you follow the above tips, users will be successful and ultimately search engine optimization.
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    Did you check how interesting those content are? Sometimes contents no need to be edited or optimized for SEO concerns if they are interesting enough to bait links.

    If that's the case, you just have to spread those contents across the web. You can make little adjustments like inserting keywords to it, making a separate title tag and description for those contents, etc.

    But again, if you find those contents are really interesting, you can just spread the word for them.
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