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Hey guys I am really confused regarding I listened a lot of sweet words on their service but most recently I distributed a Press Release under their "Advanced" package by spending 199$. But the problem is after even 4 weeks I got just 300 traffic and just 1 sales!!!!!!!

Really hopeless situation for me! Just want to know your opinion and if I am doing mistake!
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    PRWeb you learned.

    If you have something 'news worthy' then use it. Otherwise it's not worth the submission cost.
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    I cant understand why people expense that much when PRweb is completely waste of money and time!
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    You should focus on targeted traffic.
    Boom shakalaka!
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    Absolutely agree that it's a waste of time and money, 3 other SEO providers and me already concluded that the SEO ranking benefit is also close to zero from these releases. I personally send out 100+ press releases cause I had a yearly subscription.

    After 4-5 months my account got locked cause they were assuming I was reselling it while I gave it away in my monthly service for clients longer then 3 months.

    The sales rep said that was okay cause it are my clients so I made titles like: SEO service group is proud to announce their latest client "fill in yourself".

    The approval department didn't agree and ignored the fact that it was ok according to the sales team.

    No refund
    No apologies

    Just a locked account cause somewhere in their terms it states that reselling is not allowed and they classified it as reselling for whatever reason.

    Nice company to do business with, $2000,- thrown away.
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    A press release is a tool...

    A tool to get the word out to the media about something newsworthy. Over time press releases became 100% about creating backlinks.

    But Google has definitely devalued press release links to almost zero. Press release sites like PRWeb are pretty much article directories nowadays.

    $200 would be better spent on an infographic...which can get you some REAL traffic and links.
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    I have look inside, and only the PR is high, nothing more.The price it's really to high, you can get much more with this money for sure.
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    In my experience, press release submission through PRWeb is still effective as part of a well-rounded link building approach for SEO. By itself though, it won't offer much benefit in either SEO value or referral traffic.
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    Guys can anyone recommend me any traffic generation service or guy who can help me?
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      You're expecting (like others on this forum) than you can just submit articles and get tons of cash/traffic/'s not that easy. Like someone said, PRWeb is a tool and even then you can't expect great results with crap quality. Write something that gets picked up by news outlets. PRWeb is great to use if you actually know what you're doing.

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    Coming from personal experience, PRweb sucks. Don't use it, you will find it to be a waste of your time.
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    I would use that $199 on something better and more powerful.

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