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Everyone is talking about SEO. SEO this, SEO that and on and on...
Here are my experiences. Maybe my results are no special but it seems to me that they are.

My first site Modern Gentleman Magazine is out some 45 days. My biggest traffic source is Google according to Google Analytics.
Jetpack WP plugin is showing me which search phrases brought me some traffic. On some phrases I am on page one on Google.
For example "wrist watch for the car enthusiasts". I am on No.4 on first page.
OK, so this is 45 days. No wonder.

But my second site is 7 days old and today someone searched "interesting magazine design pages" and my site Magazine Designing is on page one, one spot from the bottom.
Maybe it is no wonder to you, but words like "magazine" and "design" are so common that I am surprised that I ended so early on page one.

OK, this is only one phrase but still, I think it is good result.

I had a friend who told me how to set up my site and how to write posts and I think his results show.
What I am trying to say is that SEO is no boogeyman, you should not be afraid of it. I thought it would be much tougher than this.

What are your experiences with SEO? Was it that easy? Am I exaggerating?
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    I was like you a year ago, now ive got less money Good luck on the journey.
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    It's the Google dance that's the boogeyman!

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      Originally Posted by Daniel Evans View Post

      It's the Google dance that's the boogeyman!

      you take my mind
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      Originally Posted by Daniel Evans View Post

      It's the Google dance that's the boogeyman!

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    So you're ranking for: "wrist watch for the car enthusiasts"...a keyword that no one searches for?

    And when I say "no one" I mean literally:

    Congrats...but you've got a lot of work ahead of you.
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    Hmmm, I see that you do not share my enthusiasm

    Well, maybe I am exaggerating, we'll see!
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    I'm sorry, but you ARE the only one ranking / trying to rank for those keywords. Honestly, I don't even see you rank when I put the keywords in quotes, but you know what ranks for those keywords? THIS THREAD!
    Professional SEO Company marketing1on1.com that gets results.
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    Houston we have a problem...

    Your not on the 1st page of Google SERPs (US) for the keyword (wrist watch for the car enthusiasts) you claim is sitting at position #4.

    Sounds like your looking at personalized SERPs.

    Besides, what's that keyword (wrist watch for the car enthusiasts) get maybe 3 unique traffic per year?
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    Hmmm, I get it...
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    Matt Cutts (the dude whether you like it or not) made the statement everyone needs to hear:

    What's your opinion on microsites? - YouTube

    Yes SEO is no boogeyman if you're smart. That takes time.

    If this flies over your head... I dunno. Keep learning and 5 years from now let it click.
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    For me SEO is just putting in the time and the work to get success. I usually do everything my-self unless I outsource backlinking from time to time. The one time I paid someone to do everything for me, they completely killed my rankings.

    Before you go after a keyword be sure to do your research with google. It will save you allot of frustration in the future. I wish you the best with your seo journey.

    Ps. I like your gentleman site
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    Just to bump this conversation a bit.
    In previous posts I talked how my site is doing well with SEO.
    Some guys mentioned that my keywords by which I am found dont have enough monthly searches.

    But, let me give few more examples.

    My new site Magazine Designing is less than a month online.
    And I am on page one is someone searches "layout magazine design" which are relevant keywords for my niche. OK there are not much monthly searches for that keywords, but thats my niche.

    Second keywords "magazine design" which have 245K monthly searches my site is on the top of 2nd page, just below MagCulture blog that is one of the most recognized in my niche.

    My first site is 2 months old, ModernGentlemanMagazine.com and on some keywords like "essential mens wardrobe" I am on 3rd place on page one and on keywords "off the rack suit" I am also on page one above Primer.com which is established site that drives tons of traffic.

    I have noticed in last few weeks that my numbers from Google started to climb at rapid pace.

    I know that these keywords are not big in numbers, but they are relevant for my niches, and I am surprised with such results in such a short time.

    On ModernGentlema site I have around 150 unique visitors a day in last 2 weeks. In first month it was around 90.
    Magazine Designing is driving some 100 uniques in last week.
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