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Hey guys,

I have been thinking about building my own private network of sites & blogs. However, before I do that, i need to make some side income so I'm thinking of buying a couple of PR 3 and 4 sites and renting side bar text links to start with.

The plan is to sell them from $30-60 dollars. These will be fully fleshed out sites. I'm only looking to sell 10-13 links on each site. I'm not interested in selling $10 links and placing 200 on the site and let it get slapped. The sites will have unique, original (human readable) content, pages, blogposts, etc. Separate hosting, quality (paid) themes...

So, what are the best places to advertise that I have a PR 3 & 4 sites that are open for link rental? Please top 2-4 places, I don't have tons of money to invest in and want to hear from people already doing this and earning some sort of income from it.

Also, what are the top 3 niches that are easy to sell to? For example, I don't want either site to link to sites in other niches. I'd prefer to set one up in technology, for example, and rent links to other folks who have sites that fall under that category.

So what are the most popular nichest to sell link rental to?
Also, any advice or thinks I may not have considered?
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    It's very difficult to get people to pay more than $5 for a link like that even when you are selling permanent links. Most also do not rent PR 3-4 domains; they will not pay $60 a year for a PR 3, for example. Most savvy people are aware of how to get expired domains and realize what you're doing. They also realize that most sites are eventually run into the ground or taken offline when you've squeezed what you can out of the site.

    Even if you don't plan to do this, the fear and suspicion is there. In general it's not a very good business model.
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    CandyxLand--thanks for the response!

    Well, that's partially the problem! Everyone wants to pay a cheap price and get the world. We know that those sites aren't 'quality', they are neglected and most likely WILL get slapped.

    I'm talking about a super small network of sites. And for now, only starting off with two, limited spots, time taken weekly to update original content.

    Even when everyone knew how big Blog Blueprint (and other services were/are), people still went for them. Myself included.

    I'm not looking for 50-100 plus people wanting to pay $5-$10 for permanent links. I'm looking for the few who understand quality takes a little bit of money and by paying a little extra, they are getting advantage by getting a link on a site that's being taken care of.

    I don't know.

    I'd LOVE to hear more from link brokers, renters, etc. Thanks again.
    Quietly Selling Powerful Links. Just a handful on clean domains, PM me for inquiry :D
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    link82, it's all about your results. If you can show clients are ranking highly after using your service for medium-high competitive keywords (say 20,000+ exact search keywords) then people will pay basically whatever you want to charge (to a point that is).

    It's all about results, I recommend creating a "Warrior wants to hire you" thread and getting several warriors together for a trial run then track their results over a month or two. Then if it works, grab more sites and build another small network and start charging for it. Show them the results, and say "it worked for them and it can work for you". You'll then be scrambling to build more networks .

    Stop wasting time. Just do it!

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      Honestly, I would concentrate on building my PR network and ranking niche sites or performing SEO for others. The post above mentions that your plan is a poor business model. He is exactly right and you should listen to him....
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    virtualprincipal--I don't mind sound advice but you gave none (without solid reasoning). If you have experience in this area, please SHARE.

    phowell23--there's always fear with testing a new services so I wanted to ask from experienced warriors here. I think you're right--however, I may not have the $$ to buy 5-10 domains outright. For that reason, i wanted to buy 1-3 and sell all the sidebar links to PROVE to myself that there's a need in this market for link rentals on well maintained and quality sites.

    Not everyone wants their own network of sites, could be many reasons. If you want links on quality sites, then I'm sorry, $10 for a permanent blog roll ain't gonna cut it. You've likely placed your link on a crap site, full of crap content, maybe even no content and full of hundreds of links. It will go down!

    Anyone else with some experience throw in their 2 cents??
    Quietly Selling Powerful Links. Just a handful on clean domains, PM me for inquiry :D
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    When you put links on your website, esp. paid links, I would include them in natural looking content. as if google spies out paid links, your screwed.
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    ppl swear by blog networks. im thinking about building some too, but you shld market to newbies as too many marketers know how to buy their own expired domains
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      I wouldn't contact anyone online about your Private Blog Network.

      Call up SEO companies offline and you can charge privately and safely that way. Call or email them. First ask if they can get you in contact with the person in charge of link building. Then you can pitch your PR network to them this way.

      Only SEO companies in like the top area's. #1 New York, City. Based on this city is number one for the most SEO hiring needs.

      Start with them. Forget this online crap. It's all ready burned out as you can tell from the previous comments.
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    bumpies. I'd like to hear more
    Quietly Selling Powerful Links. Just a handful on clean domains, PM me for inquiry :D
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      Well for starters all your links need to have a nofollow attribute otherwise your just a link farm network which means all your customers will get penalized.

      People think they can out smart Google but it's so easy now days to check for these types of links. All I do is run a back link report and find all your customers links across your network. Depending on how well the architecture is its only a matter of time before realizing they are all paid links across the same sites owned by the same people.
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    I might be a little bit biased, but here's a Tutorial I wrote a while back. You might find it interesting.

    Step by Setp Tutorial Shows You How To Build a Private Blog Network: How To Build a Private Blog Network - Tutorial #1

    Hope you enjoy it,
    Gregory Smith
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    A Top 20 Local SEO Blog: Check out our FREE SEO and Internet Marketing Tutorials! An awesome SEO Blog just for you!
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    Hm, I'll take a look.

    It may be a better idea to sell a group of mid PR links as a service...
    yay? nay?
    Quietly Selling Powerful Links. Just a handful on clean domains, PM me for inquiry :D
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    not shameless promotion of my own post, just seeking more input perhaps.
    Quietly Selling Powerful Links. Just a handful on clean domains, PM me for inquiry :D
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    last bump!
    Quietly Selling Powerful Links. Just a handful on clean domains, PM me for inquiry :D
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