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Alright warriors, I need help.

I just started my own business recently in Southeast Texas. I am primarily building/designing websites in Joomla for clients, and trying my best to offer decent on page optimization (I'll slowly work my way to doing more for clients). The biggest reason I moved out here is because i thought it would be easy to rank for local keywords. Well I'm having fits trying to rank well.
  • My page rank is 0
  • I have absolutely ZERO rankings in google for ANY keywords
  • Yahoo and Bing I'm starting to climb
  • I'm trying to manually go out and get good backlinks, but I'm starting to feel I'm not getting anywhere
  • Lately I've said "screw it" and signed up for PPC to help the growing process... (I've actually landed a couple of clients this way)
So far I have no warnings or errors from Google Webmaster Tools
I use a SEOmoz pro account to track any rankings and errors
I feel my on page SEO is done correctly

Domain: Internet Marketing | Advertising | Beaumont, TX

SO Frustrating! I've gotten several clients fantastic traffic and rankings, but I can't seem to get them for myself...

Can anyone offer any help? I want to stay completely white hat if possible. I'm not looking for immediate rankings - I don't mind putting in the work slowly and correctly.
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    You could try video marketing. Post them on YouTube with your keywords inserted and link the videos back to your website.
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    How long have you been trying? Remember Google only updates page rank every three months. So if its less than 3 months you just need to wait.
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    If you want SEO help, specifically, I suggest you post it here:

    Adsense / PPC / SEO Discussion Forum
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  • Well it was one of many reasons I moved. But ultimately hoping I would gain rankings was a huge factor no doubt.

    I am using opensiteexplorer and have been looking at competitor links and trying to nag some of those. Doing the best I can with a small budget. (No real budget)

    I am trying to free up time for videos

    I made the site in november but completely redesigned everything and added content late january, early february.... (I'm inpatient ok!)

    Anyone else have any idea what may be causing my site to not perform?

    A local Southeast Texas Web Firm
    Crave Win Marketing
    Beaumont, TX Web Design & SEO

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    The main reason is you are optimizing high competitive keywords:

    internet marketing

    These are very competitive, you have to do continuous work, with quality link building, it would take time.

    Is your website Hacked? Try -> www.sitebeak.com
    Is Google Analytics installed Properly? Test -> www.GAtective.com
    Impersonal Google search? Check -> www.impersonal.me

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    How much old is the domain and you need to concentrate on the onsite and offsite activities very serious to drive traffic. I would suggest you to concentrate on optimization the website before you start offsite activties, once you are done with it then go for offsite activities that includes directory submission, article submission, press release submission, web 2.0 submission, Forums and Yahoo answers.
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    • I'm working on the forums part. The domain isn't that old. The only quality links I would trust from a press release would be if I distributed through prweb. Others seem flakey to me.

      I'm trying to work on directory submissions as well. I've been doing these things and still no rankings. I mean I would be happy on page 4.... But I'm literally nowhere

      A local Southeast Texas Web Firm
      Crave Win Marketing
      Beaumont, TX Web Design & SEO

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        First off, you need to be more patient.

        For new sites like yours with zero backlinks it can take months to rank for anything remotely competitive.

        The reason I point this out is because I used to be impatient...and it led me to build links that ended up hurting me over the long-term.

        When you're thinking of building a link ask yourself this question: is this link going to help me 6-months or a year from now?

        If the answer is "no" then don't build that link.

        Next, you need a strategy. A blueprint. A plan.

        Right now you're doing some directory submissions, some of this and some of that.

        It seems like you know the basics. But I recommend that you take some time away from your site and learn some advanced SEO stuff. I recommend checking out this guide by QuickSprout: The Advanced Guide To SEO

        It's very thorough. Once you've read through that you'll have a better idea of what you need to do.
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    whatever you do and if it works, depends on your business model so the best would be to get some advice.
    BUT - serious internet marketing takes time. that is why so many blogs fail. and that is why so many quit - because it is frustrating and takes time to build a business online. but having that said, it´s well worth to stick to it.
    my best investment when i started out was into a group of like-minded people with someone who knew what she was talking about. it kept me incredible motivated and helped me to stick to it. beside that, when i had a question i got help quickly.
    sure it works on your own but having a group when you feel demotivated is such a help and encourages.
    i´ve recently started a new site, livingformondays.com (signature here) and holy cow, i´m experiencing just the same thing: tons of obstacles, things that throw me back, etc. but then, i know that is how it works and so i can stick to it much easier these days. it´s just a question of time.
    hope that helps. if you need any further advice please feel free to PM me.

    Free Business Class on Skillshare:

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    Hi Crave Win Marketing, I sent you a pm with a proposal, please check and let me know your opinion.
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  • I think most of you are right..... Patience is key..

    *just keep swimming, just keep swimming* - finding nemo

    A local Southeast Texas Web Firm
    Crave Win Marketing
    Beaumont, TX Web Design & SEO

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  • Can anyone else do a quick analysis for me?

    A local Southeast Texas Web Firm
    Crave Win Marketing
    Beaumont, TX Web Design & SEO

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    I would say to do better keyword research and find better long tail keywords first and find one reliable link builder or SEO guy or Virtual assistant (check with freelancer.com or elance.com) and get the links and move top ranks on Google....

    Till you get success with SEO, stick with PPC to get your business move on...
    Search Engine Optimization Services in Delray Beach, FL
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