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Hi all, I am very new to this and, i am sure i am doing a few things wrong, and that's fine with me. I'll work at it until I get it right. Right now, I am following advice from several articles and books, etc. This post could be fairly long so, I'm just warning you.

So, recently, I was doing keyword research and, as per the article I was reading, I went to the top ranked websites for my keywords in quotes on google to see what they were doing. But, it was confusing to me.

The #1 site was just a video sales letter from the clickbank merchant and, the #2 site was to a video sales letter from the competing clickbank merchant. The kind where they tell you not to direct link to. Very little text was on the page. So, still following the advice of the article/book I was reading, I took a look at the source code of the page and, I am really confused at what I found. First of all, remember that VERY LITTLE text was on the page but, in the source code there was a TON of text and links and even keywords in bold. None of which was visible (or invisible) on the page itself.

I tried to ask this question on Yahoo answers but, it was deleted, I don't know why. I don't want to link to the sites so if you go to google and search for "home exercise cellulite" WITH quotes, the #1 and #2 sites listed there are the ones I'm talking about. The text in the html code is fairly random having nothing to do with cellulite aside from the words in <bold> tags and links. The links in the html source code lead to page not found pages.

My question is... is it even possible to overtake the #1 spot with an actual content-rich page/site without using whatever technique this is?

And.. how is this done? I don't want to know so that I can do it, I want to know so that I may be able to overcome it.

Thank you for reading this long post.
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    Even if you don't have an answer but, have this experience, please post it.
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    Sounds like the author of the website is using hidden text. There are various methods of including text that will look good to search engines but is hidden from visitors. One such method is using certain CSS code. This technique however is specifically outlined as against google's guidelines so if discovered, could have implications for your site.

    By just having a site that follows the basic principles of on-page SEO and has visible text, you shouldn't be at a disadvantage.

    As a side note - when analysing your competition for a certain keyword don't search it in quotes. As very few people actually search with quotes you will be getting the wrong idea of which sites you will be competing against in the SERPs.
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