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I got notice in rapid succession today that three of my Squidoo lenses were unpublished.

VERY annoying as the content was useful and carefully laid out in my humble opinion, and I had spent some time on them. All of them had 100% completion too. My oldest lense is within the top 10,000 (although that one was was not taken down) and all of them were of the same basic style and quality.

Anyway, I am obviously not going to give them anything again. You just don't know why and when it might be unpublished.
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    I got hit with ten of mine being unpublished today. Like yours, mine was original content and actually was helpful by telling people about some of the stuff they could do at different national parks which I had been to. So obviously unless someone had the same exact experience I had, then it was unlikely to be duplicate content. Either way it is really bad and I seen in the Squidoo forum it has happened to hundreds of lensmasters. One guy had his top earning lens from 2 months ago (payout is tomorrow or some point this week for it) locked right before payout.

    The lensmaster claimed the lens had made him a couple of hundred dollars since it was covering Saint Patricks day items. Either way I seen a lot of the well respected lens masters are jumping ship.
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    There is always that risk when you try and build a business on the back of another company....

    I learnt the hard way in the past but I would never do that now :-)

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