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Hey Warriors!

I was hoping you guys could help me with a question. When you are optimizing a video to appear in search results, and you are targeting a specific keyword, should you be strict in how you title it?

Example phrase; litte house lights

Random video title ideas;

"Little House Lights | Secrets Exposed"

or can you still rank with a more "natural title" like this...

"The Secret To Your House Lies In Little Lights!"

I am trying to explain this the best I can... I guess I am trying to figure out if it is necessary to use the words contained in the key wordphrase in sequential order... Or, is it as long as all 3 are contained you may rank?

New to SEO, trying to not waste too too much of my time failing!

Thanks for your help!!
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    In many regards, both will work.

    Remember Google operates based on relevance and an exact phrase match is indeed more relevant than all the words in a title out of order or with other words added in between.

    It also needs to be natural sounding.... And I'm not sure what little house lights are.

    Something along the lines of '3 little house lights secrets that will...' Fill in the rest.

    Still doesn't feel spot on regarding how natural it sounds but I did want to offer you another idea to consider.
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