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I was trying the content net work, need some help here.

My ads were approved already, and its been 2 days, but no impressions (managed placements), so what could have gone wrong? Thank You
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    Hmm so where could I have gone wrong? Could it be too low CPC or the sites have high competition? I would like to know the possible causes, thanks
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    I only have one ad group, I bid .25 per click. That ad group is filled with managed placements (so no keywords). Am I doing something wrong? Cos I know that adgroups are needed usually for auto and search to improve CTR, but I do not know if it applies to managed placements.
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      if you only have a few placements, and you have cherry picked them... your bid just might be too low to trigger any impressions. Some sites will require bids several times the average to get any impressions.
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    Yeah this happened to me too and it really sucks.

    It's best to contact Google Helpdesk.

    - Insert backlink here -

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    Ok so its good to have many placements I guess?
    Question: Will it take me longer to be approved if I add many placements? Also, I had an ad that ran on auto placements for like 200+ impressions 1 day, and then no impressions ever since. What is happening?

    I think we should compile these answers into a "Newbie Q&A" article or something
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      It just sounds like your bid is too low. Jack the bid up to .50 or .75 and put the budget at $5 - see what that does.

      The number of placements has nothing to do with approval time of your ads.
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    Thanks ppclabs. However 1 question, what is the point bidding so high? Isn't the content network used for cheaper bids? .50 or .75 sounds high enough for me to use search network instead. Thanks for any further advice
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      what are the bids on search for relevant keywords in your market?

      It really depends on the site, some sites require very high bids but often convert extremely well.

      Also, if you can bid high at first and establish a good CTR on the site, then you might be able to lower your bids later and maintain placement.
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