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Hi Guys
After all the penguin updates, what kind of links are now working? If you are not sure pls dont post cause I want answers from ppl who work with this hands on...

Thanks a million

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    Get relevant links.
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    Originally Posted by Chloe Brooks View Post

    what kind of links are now working?
    The same links that have been working for the past 10-years.

    Just got back from a #BrightonSEO. I was given room 404 in the hotel I stayed at. Couldn’t find it anywhere!

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  • Chloe,

    The best kinds of links are those from authoritative sites and that are also placed within body content and that are contextual. By that I mean links placed within an article for example that are related to the content in that text. By authoritative sites I mean those websites that aren’t built to be an advertising cash cow but that are providing real value to users.

    Lots of good answers and resources in this thread,

    What is the best way to go about building backlinks? | Moz Q&A

    Hope that helps,

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    Anything spammy that worked before does not anymore. Blog Comment Backlinks are terrible, Web 2.0's are not working like they used to, and Social Bookmarking is terrible. The higher quality links still work. When the updates came out, 2.5% of US searches were affected. Those 2.5% of websites were most likely the ones using the crappy links. (getting 20,000 blog comment links, 10,000 social bookmarks, etc) Just step your game up and only make a backlink if you think it will add value. Links that are inside content about your keyword / website is the best way to go. Any website that has "authority" will also be a good place to get links.


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      Originally Posted by PROmotions LLC View Post

      . Any website that has "authority" will also be a good place to get links.
      Sorry this may sound dumb but, how to identify websites that has "authority"?
      If you found these sites, what to do? Guest post?

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    People above are right, not much changed over the years with regards to backlinking. The only difference is that you can't have links from spammy sites.

    Just follow these 3 basic things:

    -build links at a steady pace
    -build different types of links
    -vary your anchor text

    Hope that helps

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    I don't think there is a "one-size-fits-all" link building package.

    Analyze your competitors and see what they are doing. From there, run some tests, analyze the results, and run some more tests.

    After Penguin, SEO can be really unpredictable. Some sites with spammy backlink profiles are doing very well, and some high quality sites with barely any links can get hit.

    I own a lot of sites, and my SEO plan for each site is different.
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    Strong backlinks =

    links from quality site
    natural links
    relevant links
    high pr links
    links from authority sites
    slow link building
    text links
    natural anchor text
    link building on continuous basis

    thats all.

    Is your website Hacked? Try ->
    Is Google Analytics installed Properly? Test ->
    Impersonal Google search? Check ->

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      I'll throw a wrench in the works and say only use 10-15% anchor text for your links. About 5% should be keyword relevant such as dog training tips and the remaining 5-10% should be random longtail variations such as dog training and teaching your dog manners. This is my own method for linking and I have never seen a Google penalty. The remaining 85-90% of your links should be raw URLs.

      Why? Consider how the majority of people actually share links. I have rarely ever linked to something I wanted to share by using a keyword or traditional longtail keyword. I always say click here or just paste the raw URL.

      I think this strategy is pretty solid and has worked for me with great success. However, it's just my opinion.
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    Create high quality content. Forum marketing and guest posting are two ways that we are doing.
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    Did a post in another thread which you may find useful.
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    Perhaps the best backlinking strategy is to build a strong persona for yourself and business. Authority and following the psychological rule of "know, like, trust"

    be everywhere your target audience shows up, and provide valuable content, solve their problems

    Think of your business as a strong oak tree. what would a tree do, to grow, withstand strong winds, and produce more fruits?
    It would grow new branches. There would be new leafs to gather carbon dioxide and create a process called photosynthesis.
    new branches, new ways to be stronger and dominate the space. in business it would mean more traffic channels, and greater authority, built exponentially.

    web 2.0 youtube, facebook groups, twitter, linked in, press releases, podcasts, google +, etc
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    The best links are the ones that you can't buy, beg, steal, trade. But if you get them then great lol
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    Google now is giving more importance to 3 kinds of links
    1. Yahoo Answers or similar sites
    2. sites
    3. Video site (esp. Youtube video)

    Pick any generic keyword from any niche and search in Google and in 70-90% of the case you will see in the top 10 results a combination of all the 3 or at least 1 of the above links.
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    100's of BS links or 1,000's of BS links are not worth as much as a hand full of high quality links with PR. Understand what it is you are building or having built for you or it might be detrimental or completely destructive. Don't over do it and focus on quality over quantity.
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    Links from reputed sites, natural and varied anchor text links.
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    Contexual links always works. A unique content having intext links posted in authority sites always counts. Also diversify your anchor texts and build backlinks.
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    Link Building should be done effectively and patiently. Quality beats Quantity. You can't just go and blast 15,000 links to your website and rank for a keyword. Focus on fool proof methods such as:

    Guest Posting (High PR and Similar Niche Sites)
    Social Media Marketing (Posting On Your Social Media Accounts)
    Forum Posting
    Create Youtube Videos and Link Back To Your Site

    - Another thing i said was patience, people will be too eager for success right away and may use seo services and sites like fiverr for link building in desperation and that is BAD. It may help you for a few days but its only going to take you even further back from where you started. All those services do is provide you with low quality back links that lower your rank on search engines. There's a reason there only worth $5. Stay away from those!!

    - But overall focus on creating high quality content. Create content that others will "want" to share and show to their friends which will lead to more back links.
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