Who to hire to clean up a site?

by Kpick
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Hi All,
I have a site that did well for us a couple of years ago. We had tens of thousands of "spammy" links done from cheap services (like Fiverr)

When the updates came we got hit hard and just kinda walked away from the site. I'm now looking at getting it back. I've been advised by an outside company to disavow and try to get many of these links removed. (See below from their email).

I'd like to move forward on this but their bid was much, much too high for us.

Anyone know of a good, solid company that can perform these tasks for us?

Thanks in advance,

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s You have had a lot of SEO work done on the site, some of it was "spammy". The goal of the Site Cleanup is to take advantage of the strong links and SEO that was done while cleaning up the elements that are penalizing your site.
§ In the past the site had 71,712 links with 26,902 of those pointing at the homepage coming from over 600 domains
§ Currently there are 27, 520 recognized links
s Analyze current status of all links
s Categorize the links
§ Healthy | Toxic | Suspicious
s We then manually review each link to determine if they truly are toxic. We then contact the webmaster to ask if the link (s) can be removed. When there is no response to our request or a refusal to remove the links, we ask Google for a manual review of the links and we request that the links be disavowed.
s Audit site for load speed
s Verify URL's
s Verify Re-directs
s Proper Schemas
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    Why bother?

    If you walked away from the site/domain it must be disposable. Buy a new domain & start fresh ($10).
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      I agree with yukon, getting a new domain will be better in this condition. start a fresh optimization with good content and quality backlinks.
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    So many backlinks to analyze, it would be so much work and probably cost you more then it would be to start new.. It depends on how much you want the domain as others just mentioned.

    Did you get an unnatural link warning? If not you could probably just ignore those links and build better quality links.

    Or target the domains with the most backlinks first.
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    No way they would go manually through each link, instead they just use some software that gives the exact indications like they gave you, healthy/suspicious/toxic.

    This should only take some computer processing time and hardly any manual work involved, do some research and find the service/tool that they use and you can do it all yourself.

    Or just start with a fresh new domain.
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    Its true that You have done lot of SEO work. As you mention its also spammy, then it is not possible to return back. Mr. yukon has write the for you perfection. You must need to new domain. But I don't agree with him that it is just $10. For new domain its value is $0. But old domain have lot of work done.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone.
    I am looking at just starting the site anew. However, this site is several years old and does have some good links and of course the age. Is it worth fighting through or just abandon the site?

    thanks again,
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    You can simply use the disavow google tool if you are not sure about starting a new website. Starting fresh would be a much better idea though.

    Yo Yo Baba Pandey ! Wanna see my signature ? Contact Me

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    You fed a baby poisoned milk.

    You left the baby to die, and by now it is dead.

    You can not resurrect the dead baby.
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  • Profile picture of the author Make Money Ninja
    Would be a lot of effort with that level of links. PM me with URL, i might know someone. It would have to be making a lot for it to even be worth considering though.

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