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Hi all,

In striving to provide the greatest possible service to my backlinking customers, I'm looking at how to increase the value of the links I provide.

Basically - I want to get new pages with their links on them indexed as quickly as possible so their anchor text links can take effect!

I'm interested in other people's thoughts on this. I see a few different strategies:

- Social bookmarking - but just one popular, dofollow service like Digg, or a range of sites through something like Onlywire or SocialMarker?
- Pinging
- Submitting RSS feeds when possible - again, to just one or submit to a lot of different ones?

Do you have a suggestion as to what strategy you use, and what sites, or tools, you use to get your backlinks indexed?
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    Directory Submission, Reciprocal Linking, Blog commenting, forum posting, etc. and many more. Each and every task has their own importance.
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    OK thanks Bob - not convinced you've answered my question or even read it!
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      Hi Hef,

      I think - if I understood it correctly, your main aim is to show off how quick links from your site can get crawled and indexed as part of your service?

      If thats the case - to be honest what you have mentioned should do the trick. I would say probably do multiple bookmarking, RSS submission etc in order to make it as quick as possible.

      Of course, you don't need to go too crazy, as you're only helping the speed of indexing rather than ranking that will be all thats needed.

      What you could also offer to increase the value of the links you are providing, is to put the link in and around related content, rather than just a link floating around on its own.

      Am I on the right track? If not - let me know.
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      If you want to check how quick a page is indexed by Google, make a post of some sort and then pick out a particular phrase, surround it with quotes and do a search to see if Google indexed it.

      Problem with Squidoo now is that Google will only allow 2 squidoo pages to show at a time for a chosen keyword or phrase. If you're trying to get a Squidoo page indexed and show in a search by Google, it will have to beat out other similar pages.


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        Originally Posted by LastWarrior View Post

        If you want to check how quick a page is indexed by Google, make a post of some sort and then pick out a particular phrase, surround it with quotes and do a search to see if Google indexed it.
        The best way - in my opinion is to do the following search in Google:

        That will show whether it's indexed or not.

        If you do the above suggestion, it relies you on having to sift through all results that rank for your phrase in quotes.
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    Hi TheHutz,

    Thanks for your reply - yep you're on the right track, and are very helpful.

    I don't want to just build links - I want to get them indexed quickly also, as what good are links if they aren't indexed for weeks/months?

    Then again, I don't want to be putting hours into achieving this as this means having to charge more.

    If that all makes sense!

    I'm thinking it might be as simple as just running each URL through Digg?
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    Anyone else have any advice?
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      pingomatic - yahoo pipes - google reader [thanks Tim Dixon]

      RSS is the cat's meow ...

      I pretty much only go after sites that allow me to blog and use the rss feed off the blog / profile page ...

      My next experiment involves rssbot and badass rss
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    I'd recommend using squiddoo.

    Set up your squidoo lens on the niche or primary keyword. Add your feeds in there along with all the different backlinked sites you want indexed and then ping your squidoo lens so that gets indexed too.

    You can often find squidoo, and twitter for that matter, get indexed quickly and rank well in the search engines.

    Learn How to Get Ranked #1 in Google, for any Niche, Every Time - Click Here

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    A couple years ago we had outsourced some linkbuilding for a client. We would have the linkbuilder post links to the pages where our NEW links were, onto a Blogger blog. She put about 20 links per post. Sometimes the links would include anchor text, sometimes a brief description of the page followed by the link, and sometimes just the link. It would get the pages spidered very quickly, it seemed. It worked much better for us than pinging.

    The downside is that the blog would be routinely deleted by Blogger, as it didn't provide much value. We had to keep making new ones every few weeks. Wasn't a big deal, but a little annoying. It would be possible to add something other than just lists of links - perhaps that would satisfy the Blogger gods.

    I don't know if that works today or not, but Google used to crawl Blogger like crazy back then...may be something worth testing.

    Regards, Georgetta
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    Thanks for all your replies.

    Especially to Georgetta - sounds like a really good idea if Blogger is still getting spidered that quickly. I'll look into that one.

    To those who suggested social bookmarking - thanks - but do you have any specific site recommendations?
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