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I am going to be building my own web 20 network of free sites

In your experience, what are the most popular web 20 sites?
I looked around, I cant seem to find a decent list...

Thanks in advance
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    Did you try google or the warrior search function?

    .. Top 100 Web 2.0 sites list! | Koporc's webmaster resources

    I personally like tumblr

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    The power of search

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    Here are some useful ones 2013.

    2itb.com – PR4, dofollow
    Angelfire.com – PR7, dofollow
    Areavoices.com – PR6, dofollow, accepts XMLRPC
    Bcz.com – PR3
    Blinkweb.com – PR5, accepts XMLRPC, dofollow
    Blog.com – PR6, accepts XMLRPC, dofollow
    Blogetery.com – PR5, dofollow
    Blogger.com – PR8, accepts post by email, dofollow
    Blogge.rs – PR4,dofollow
    Bloghi.com – PR4, dofollow
    Blogpico.com – PR2, dofollow
    Blogreaction.com – PR4, dofollow
    Blogster.com – PR3, dofollow
    Blurty.com – PR4, dofollow
    Devhub.com – PR5, dofollow
    Dotlekit.com – PR6, dofollow
    Evood.vom – PR2, dofollow
    Edublog.org – PR, dofollow, filtered content
    Fc2.com – PR6, dofollow, filtered content, accepts XMLRPC
    Flixya.com – PR5, dofollow
    Gather.com – PR6, dofollow
    Getjealous.com – PR5, dofollow
    Hubpages.com – PR6, nofollow
    Iblog.at – PR3, dofollow
    Inube.com – PR4, dofollow
    Insanejournal.com – PR5, dofollow
    Lifeyo.com – PR4, dofollow
    Livejournal.com – PR8, nofollow, accepts post by email, accepts XMLRPC
    Livelogcity.com – PR5, dofollow
    My.opera.com – PR8, nofollow, accepts post by email
    My.telegraph.co.uk – PR7, dofollow, filtered content
    Myblogsite.com – PR4, dofollow
    Mywapblog.com – PR4, dofollow
    Mytripjournal.com – PR4, dofollow
    Ohlig.com – PR5, dofollow
    Offucekive.com – PR7, dofollow
    Posterous.com – PR7, dofollow, accepts post by email
    Onsugar.com – PR6, dofollow, accepts post by email
    Quizilla.teennick.com – PR6, dofollow
    Reddif.com – PR7, dofollow
    Shutterfly.com – PR5, dofollow
    Salon.com – PR7, dofollow
    Snappages.com – PR5, dofollow
    Spi-blog.com – PR4, dofollow
    Spyuser.com – PR,3 dofollow
    Spruz.com – PR5, dofollow
    Squidoo.com – PR7, dofollow, filtered content and just english
    Sweetcircles.com – PR3, dofollow
    Thoughts.com – PR5, nofollow
    Travelblog.org – PR6, dofollow
    Tripod.com – PR8, dofollow
    Tumblr.com – PR8, dofollow, accepts post by email
    Typepad.com – PR8, dofollow, accepts post by email
    Ucoz.com – PR6, dofollow
    Uwcblog.com – PR2, dofollow
    Weblogplaza.com – PR3, dofollow
    Webs.com – PR7, dofollow
    Webspawner.com – PR6, dofollow
    Weebly.com – PR8, dofollow
    Wetpaint.com – PR6, nofollow
    Wikidot.com – PR7, dofollow
    Wikispaces.com – PR7, nofollow
    WordPress.com – PR9, dofollow, accepts post by email, accepts XMLRPC
    Yola.com – PR8, dofollow
    Yousaytoo.com – PR4, dofollow
    Xanga.com – PR6, nofollow
    Zoomshare.com – PR5, dofollow
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