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My question is about meta keywords A lot of seo blogs say they aren't important. Some say that you can even be penalized for having them.

Many people recommend SEOQuake, and in it's diagnosis function it evaluates your meta keywords. I'm surprised that such a respected plug-in wants a webmaster to have meta keywords if they really aren't important.

Just wondering what Warriors have to say about this.
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    They're not important. I consistently rank sites with the keyword tag omitted. It's good practice to use them but don't go over board.

    As far as penalties go - only if they're keyword 'stuffing'. You will never be penalized for including several (< 10-ish) keywords in the keyword meta tag.
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    I always use meta tags on my blogs and Google rewards me for it.

    Whenever I create a new post I always make sure I use the labels to
    aim for the keywords I am trying to promote on my blog and I have
    never been penalised by Google for it.

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  • Catherinemay,

    The keyword meta tag isn’t used by google as a ranking factor but other search engines use it still. As long as you don’t over use it you should be fine. I choose to omit it for the most part. Like many things in SEO, it’s a small part of an overall optimization picture for a website and not having it would have a marginal (if at all noticeable) impact.


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    The only thing a meta keyword tag is good for is snooping on competition keywords.
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