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hey help please,

Im having my fist experience with ad words, i have a budget of $100 over a 2 month period. If anyone could offer any advise or suggestions it would be much appreciated.

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    First thing I would do, RESEARCH, with a budget of just $100 for 2 months, you got to be really careful with what you are going to do. Also , you might want to stay away from broad match, since you will get a lot of unrelated clicks, which will reach your budget real quick.

    Another thing, get a huge list of negative keywords, so you won't get unrelated clicks as well. Those are the ones I would focus on from the start.
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    If you need a $100 adwords coupon I would be happy to give you one. it just requires you to spend $25 to receive the credit.
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    Just allocate some time in reading some ppc blogs to get "the mindset" of adwords. Depending on your advertising goal and KPIs you will find tones of useful information and you'll start correlating things in ur head.

    I remember i started with PPC Hero, which has quite a lot of good content for beginners. Give it a try.
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    $100 isn't much but, still you can do some good with it, you should research very deeply and very well, use only keywords that will give max revenue to you

    One giant leap of awesomness

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