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by Saidar
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Hello warriors!

I've watched a video on saying that you can get out of the supplemental index by getting into high quality directories like yahoo.

It makes sense to me because those directories have very strict rules and only accept high quality websites.

Can anyone here verify this? I want to try it but those directories are very expensive so don't want to spend the money if it won't work.

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    You need authority, and good dirs can help with that.

    I wouldn't buy a Yahoo dir listing with the expectation of instant authority.
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    no such thing as supplemental index, it was removed last year
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    Supplemental index is absolutely still there, they simply removed the label.
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    The supplemental index was the "filtering" engine by Google. It's not a separate index, but a filter process. Duplicate content usually get's this "flag".

    If you can remember about 2 years ago we could actually SEE certain pages being tagged "supplemental" in Google. It's since then been removed...but that does NOT mean Google is not still implementing their filtering process.
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    So, what's the truth with the supplemental index?
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