How to Filter Bad Backlinks for a website

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I Can use backlink checker tools to get the list of backlinks as well as GWT also gives the list of all the backlinks that are pointing to your website.

My Question is how can i filter the good links from all the links so that i can do the Google Disvaow Tool to remove those bad links.

Thanks in Adv.
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    Better you can check manually one-by-one and find-out your bad links.
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      Originally Posted by adwordmedia View Post

      Better you can check manually one-by-one and find-out your bad links.
      Suppose i have 5000 backlinks for a website and in that case it may take weeks to check, filter and remove. Is there any quick way available where i can use some application to upload -> Check -> result type procedure. After the result i could get some score and then based on that i can filter the good and bad links and then use Google's disavow tool.

      the big thing is how can i detect the bad links (the process)

      Is there anyone that can answer this ?
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    The only real way to do it is to manually visit the sites and make a determination.

    If you try filtering them using any kind of metrics, you risk removing or disavowing links that are actually worthwhile links.
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    I agree with mike, honestly this task is a slap in the face for the client an SEO Personnel. I heard LinkDetox is one of the best tools out there but the pricing is not that friendly..
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    Question - do you actually have any good links????

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      I have used Link Detox but it is pricey and I still had to go though the links in more detail once the report was complete. But, it does give you a good start and helps to organize the links.
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    I would not recommend link detox, I used their tool and it's way overpriced for what it is. I am actually surprised its still recommended solution. Maybe because I see their ads everywhere haha.

    Did you receive a penalty or did your website lose rankings? If not then why are you trying to deal with your links now?
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