0.00% CTR Earns Me $5.47 on Adsense. Pretty awesome for that kind of CTR.

by milan
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I cut and pasted the header but otherwise the screen shot is original:

One of my sites, today.

So, I got no impressions and earned $5. Anybody doing better for zero impressions than me? Am I having the World record? Is there a prize?

Does anybody have an explanation? My guess is the stats will correct themselves in a day. I know the report can be late, can decide not to count certain clicks etc. But just the page impressions being late??
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    May be a glitch in the system but indeed these are great stats
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    They will correct themselves. I often get certain pages with a 200% CTR but they change in a day or so.
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    I had no impressions and something like $1.79 in earnings on one of my sites for most of the day today too. Late this afternoon impressions finally started showing, but the ctr is still something like 100% though.
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    Saw the same thing on a new channel I set up today, 0 impressions with 2 clicks; infinite CTR, infinite CPM: PROFIT!!!!
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