Which domain is better; an EM dot info or .com brand?

by Adorer
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I am trying to decide on a domain for my new website which will have adsense and an Amazon store. Which one do you think is the best one to purchase?:

1. a .info exact match with Average Monthly Search 12,100 (7 years old) PPC $2.17. four short words

2. .info with a more general name than the EM Average Monthly Search. 301,000(9 yrs old) PPC $1.52, three short words

3. .com brandable and has one of the words in the name, Average Monthly Search. 40, PPC zero, two short words

4. .biz EM Average Monthly Search. 18,100 PPC $3.47, two short words.

Thanks for your suggestions.
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    If you will be relying purely on SEO then go with the EMD. If you think the site can become a brand then obviously go with the brandable. Also single products favor going with the EMD, more broad offerings the brandable.

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      Thanks David,

      I will be relying solely on SEO for this one as I will be using Adsense. So, I best go for the EM. It was a tough decision though between the EMs as there is one that would be more to the point but has less search and the other has a high monthly search but is more general.

      It is exactly between hxxp://www.englishtospanish.info with 301,000 searches vs. hxxp://www.howtospeakspanish.info

      Is it worth adding a letter or word to the EM to make it a dot com?
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    I would go for a .com breedable name any day of the week. Sure EMDs may work for a while, but they are losing their edge as well.

    Plus, I don't know about you, but I rarely (read never) click on howtogetridofyourtoewithanaxe.com. And even if I do, I would never trust it enough to buy anything from it or click on any ad within it. It just sounds and looks way too spammy.

    But maybe that's just me.

    That said, I guess you could say every domain is an emd for a word or phrase. But we have emd and then we have emd. The difference is HowStuffWorks and HowYourGandMothersBrainWorksInsideTheSkull!
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