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Just wondering if there's any advantage from an SEO point of view in using text rather than an image for the site title? I've noticed some sites use an image logo in their header instead of the usual H1 tag.
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  • I know on an individual post or page it's good to have an image with the keyword you're targeting as the image name, alt description, etc ...but as far as having your site title (that shows up on every page) with a keyword in the alt description, etc, I haven't tested that or have seen other people test it.

    It would be sort of tough to test anyways...because there are so many variables involved.

    If I were you...I wouldn't worry about it or focus on it. Just my thoughts. :-) Hope that helps!
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    For site title i suggest better use H1 text, at least for me it works better. But if you are building landing page, then probably use image...
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      I use an image/logo

      But, I also use the <title></title> tags


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    You can use both by using "Image Replacement" CSS. CSS Image Replacement

    You get the benefit of the H1 tag, with the beauty of an image.
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    I'm using logo image for site title most of the time.

    Home: <h1><img alt="Site Title" /></h1>
    Other Pages: <div><img alt="Site Title" /></div>
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