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So I have a site that up until about a week ago was being cached every 7 to 10 days or so. This site is on a 12 year old domain.
Starting about a week back, this site is now being cached much more frequently, every second day or so. Any idea why this could be happening?
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    Do mean crawled or literally cached? Unusual for google to cache each time it crawls,
    unless you give it a reason to:

    More backlinks? New content? Changed text?

    I think every 2 days, however, would make most webmasters happy.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    The site is actually being cached daily.
    It has recently undergon a huge make over, could that be why? The make over took place 3 months ago but only over the last week has the caching frequency changed dramatically.
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    Did you change anything on an xml sitemap?
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    Up until a few months ago, the domain was active but was just a 1 page site. I then turned it into 50 pages of content and since then it was being cached about once a week.
    But, starting from about 7 days ago, it is now being cached daily. Is this Google's way of taking interest lol.
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    it may be possible, you start adding new fresh content and you website receive good amounts of backlinks. Just check your website backlinks and traffic graph.
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