Blogging on Multiple Websites (Duplicate Content Issue?)

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I am interested in blogging; however, I have a question when it comes to duplicate content.

I am an administrator of 2 websites, 1 is my personal and the other is my company. My personal blog and my company blog are both the same "industry" and "topic". Blogs that I wrote for the company could be placed on my blog as well.

Currently I host my WordPress blog on my domain. I would like to ideally blog for both companies, and was wondering is it possible to post the same blog/article on both sites without getting penalized for duplicate content.

Is this a viable solution? Are there any better methods?

Thanks so much in advance!
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    That would be duplicate content. And, Google won't really care if you are the original author of the article you are republishing. Maybe if your site was no follow, then Google wouldn't find the page. But, I'm assuming you want your personal blog to be found by Google so it ranks well. If that's so, you'll need another original article on the blog, not a copy of the one already published elsewhere.

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      With Hummingbird update, Google is seeking fresh new content. In case duplicate content is found, Google will favor the unique content first found since Google adds timestamp to it.

      Google understands people copy content from your site and some content gets syndicated. This is why Google uses timestamp to filter out which site owns the initial publishing.
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    Duplicate content on the same website is surely an issue. However if you are using the same content on a different website then you can add a starting paragraph and a closing paragraph and reuse the content from your first website with appropriate mention of the original source of content(your first website).
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    Do not post the same content to different website. If you would like to do that, post the original one and another is just link reference to the original.

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