Does Google consider BIble as a Duplicated Content

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Hi all
Does Google consider Bible content as a duplicated one because you are going to put the same content in your site .
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    I guess answer will be yes , because robots/ algorithms are doing it not humans

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      Originally Posted by IMMaster View Post

      Thanks for the answer , but what is the best way to avoid this?
      If you're afraid of getting hit by the algorithmic penalty for having too many duplicate pages on your site and have "trouble sleeping at night" quoting Matt Cutts, you can add a robots.txt file to block SE robots from crawling your directory where the duplicate content sits in. Or add a meta robots "noindex" code on the duplicate content pages. Though Google would prefer if you just linked to the source.
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        the Bible and other ancient works are quoted and have sites displaying their content all over the internet with nil effect

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    Duplicate content is the same content appearing on the same domain over and over again. That is what you have to worry about. What you are talking about is syndicated content. If that was a huge worry, then every site that has song lyrics would be screwed.
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