Will links to noindex page hurt the root domain?

by zon27
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If i create a page (site.com/page1) and put a no-index tag to stop searchengines from indexing that page.

My question is will the backlinks pointing to that no-index page have any impact on the serp/authority of the root domain (site.com).

or will google read/give value to the backlinks pointed to the no-index page.
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    Well the no-index page, would have "no" value within Googles index. If that's what you're asking. If they can't show people something, what value has it?

    Well strangely enough, I do agree with building links to "no-index" pages. It would be natural for the 99.999% of potential link builders to my site, to not know what a link might represent in terms of SEO and what "no-index" even means.
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    I think the site will be still NO INDEXED by google (or by other search engines if this is a complete shut down).

    1. The backlinks pointing to the website will give no or little SEO juice to the page, but the site will be still accesible through those links
    2.When it comes to the root domain In my experience no-indexing certain pages does no harm for serps.

    The no-index tag is a common used and neccesary tool so it is perfectly natural that you use it even if You link to this no-indexed page. But be sure to check before if the site isn't already indexed! Sometimes this slippes away to people, lol
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